Teaching Philosophy

In order to be an effective teacher I will follow the below summary of my teaching philosophy.

  • I will have high expectations from students since when there are high expectations students will generally rise to the challenge and it brings out the best in them.
  • I will encourage team work and critical thinking. Team work and critical thinking will be the most important factors when students eventually graduate and go into the corporate world and I think it is my job to provide them the essential elements they will need to survive the fast phased work environment.
  • Teach students by giving them the latest software tools to use in problem solving. By training the students to use the latest software tools to solve problems, it will also prepare them for their life after graduation. By having all-round skills will also give them an advantage over potential candidates when it’s their turn to hunt for jobs.
  • I will not evaluate my success based on exam scores, student evaluations or popularity with students, instead my success will be based on the students being able to understand the concept of the course thoroughly and be able to apply the knowledge they gain from my teachings throughout their lifetime.
  • Prepare students for life-long learning. I strongly believe that learning is a lifelong process. If the students learn the contents to just pass the exams and will forget the knowledge they gained after a few weeks from the semester, I think that was not effective learning or teaching. They should be able to gain an understanding of the course concepts and apply them through their life.
  • Although technology will be used to augment my teaching, I will be cautious when using technology. Technology will be used heavily in my teaching with the use of audio, video and online resources, but I will keep in my mind that technology will be used to facilitate learning and not to side-step it.