Went to Alaska last May and it was the most wonderful journey ever. It was beginning of the summer there and the wild life were starting to get busy after the long winter. Look at some of the pictures. We flew to Anchorage, rented a car from the airport. Then we stayed and explored the city. Then we went to Whittier, tool a Glacier cruise. The glaciers were amazing but to see that they are melting at a significant phase was saddening. We then drove to Seward and did a hike to the exit glacier. To get so close to a glacier on foot was a unique experience.

We then went to Anchorage and drove to Fairbanks. After than took the train to Denali National Park. Saw lots of wild life such as Grizzley bears with new born cubs, mountain goats, Moose, lots of Caribu and a Porcupine. We then came back to Anchorage and flew back home. Check out some of the pictures below.